22 Sep 2011

Governor chides American Samoa sports teams for Pacific Games results

7:15 am on 22 September 2011

There is concern that the lack of success by American Samoa at the recent Pacific Games will be repeated in four years unless the government gets involved.

America Samoa returned from New Caledonia without a single medal despite competing in 11 sports.

The Governor Togiola Tulafono has criticised the team for not being fit or prepared well enough.

He made similar comments after the 2007 Games in Samoa which reaped 22 medals, three of which were gold.

Our correspondent in American Samoa,Monica Miller, says unless the government steps in nothing will improve.

"Because that's what the Governor did with soccer and now they're organised. That's what the Government did with rugby and now that's pretty well organised. So maybe before Governor Togiola leaves office he would have revamped the American Samoa National Olympic Committee."