21 Sep 2011

University of Guam secures extra funding

3:10 pm on 21 September 2011

The University of Guam is expected to receive an extra one million US dollars to its budget allocation from the Government for the new fiscal year.

The University is facing a potential 3.2 million dollar shortfall as the Government only allocated 26.7 million in its new budget, prompting the institute to consider cost cutting measures such as tuition fee increases and salary cuts.

Senator Aline Yamashita says after lobbying the Government, it could now provide a further one million dollars through a reshuffle of money to be received through Section 30 of its budget.

"Section 30 monies are monies that we get from the US Treasury. And this is in reference to all the military work or life for employment that happens. And so that is like their payments to us. And what the Governor wanted to do was to work out a payment plan and spread it over the Fiscal Year 2012."

Aline Yamashita says an extra one million dollars will not be enough to cover the university's budget shortfall but she will continue working to secure additional funding.