20 Sep 2011

Fiji and Kiribati discuss suspension of Air Kiribati flights

12:15 pm on 20 September 2011

Delegates from Fiji and Kiribati are meeting today to discuss the suspension of Air Kiribati's only international link.

Two weeks ago, the Fiji interim government cancelled Air Kiribati flights between Nadi and Tarawa without explanation.

The Vice President of the Air Kiribati Board, Inatoa Tebania, says Fiji has three major issues with the airline.

"Operational concerns like ticket reservations, insurance cover and [the] air service operation certificate. These are related to the operation and the arrangement that Air Kiribati and Our Airline had agreed to operate on. I think Fiji would like to know fully what that entails and I think these are the areas that we are trying to find out between ourselves."

Mr Tebania says he is unsure why these issues have suddenly become a concern to Fiji, and says the situation has left him feeling abused and confused.