19 Sep 2011

Fiji's deposed PM aims to run in 2014 election

6:18 pm on 19 September 2011

The deposed Prime Minister of Fiji, Laisenia Qarase, says he would like to run in the country's next election.

Fiji's interim government has promised to hold elections in 2014.

However, the founding member of the SDL says his decision hinges on whether there is a parliament-approved constitution in place by election year.

"One of the important aspects of an election is that it is held under the 1997 Constitution. If it is held under another constitution then that constitution must be approved by the parliament of Fiji. That is the only way they can hold elections in Fiji. If we have that situation, then my options are open - I will make my decision closer to the time of the election."

Mr Qarase says with the current regime, there is no certainty that the elections will be held under the 1997 Constitution or a new document.

He says all he can do ahead of the election is wait and see.

The regime abolished the constitution in 2009, and says a new one will be in place in two years.