19 Sep 2011

Guam students face fee hikes as university tackles budget shortfall

4:36 am on 19 September 2011

Students from the University of Guam are facing a series of increases in tuition fees following a 3.2 million dollar drop in the government's 2012 budget for the institute.

The University has requested almost 30 million dollars for next year but the government's allocated only 26.7 million.

A university spokesperson Cathleen Moore-Linn says the institute is considering energy-conservation measures and salary cuts as well as generating 1.3 million dollars through higher tuition fees.

"The proposal as it stands right now is looking at a ten percent increase in spring of 2012 followed by a five percent increase in fall of 2012 and then another five percent increase in fall of 2013."

Cathleen Moore-Linn says the university is taking into account the feedback from a public student hearing.