16 Sep 2011

Greater democracy for Tonga goal of new MP

1:14 pm on 16 September 2011

The newly elected MP for the Tongatapu 9 seat in Tonga says moving the country towards full democracy is his top priority.

Falisi Tupou won yesterday's by-election with 745 votes representing the People's Democratic Party of the Friendly Islands.

His nearest rival from the group of six male candidates was Seventeen Toumo'ua who got 483 votes.

There was a seventy five per cent turn out in the by-election, which followed the death of Kaveinga Fa'anunu in July.

Falisi Tupou, who works for the Kele'a newspaper, says he is thankful to his constituents and clear in his goals.

"Firstly to, to full democracy in Tonga. But now its a half democracy now eh. So we try to full democracy first. And second to develop our economy."

Falisi Tupou says he'll take up his seat in parliament next week.