15 Sep 2011

NZ independent think tank suggests greater transparency with aid

12:31 pm on 15 September 2011

New research by an independent think tank says there's a need for greater transparency detailing the outcomes of New Zealand's foreign aid programmes.

The Maxim Institute has released a policy paper with key recommendations for improving New Zealand's contribution to foreign aid and international development.

Researcher, Dr Jane Silloway Smith says often reports on New Zealand's aid and development work only list inputs such as the money provided.

But she says more detail is needed on the outcomes of that spending.

"We would like to see aid programmes in general start to be more transparent about what impacts and outcomes their interventions are having. How are they improving development? How are they working towards the development that people would like to see? Doing evaluations of their work to see what these impacts and outcomes are and then being very transparent in reporting on those. Both the positive and the negatives. Because not every project and programme works out but every project and programme is a chance to learn from."

Dr Jane Silloway Smith from the Maxim Institute.