12 Sep 2011

Fears drought is drying up food and water in Buka Island in Bougainville

7:48 pm on 12 September 2011

There are fears that drought is diminishing food and water sources on Buka Island in Papua New Guinea's Autonomous Province of Bougainville.

The dry season is traditionally felt in Bougainville from October to April but authorities say the islands of Buka, the Carterets, Nissan, Fead, Mortlock and Tasman have experienced little rain during its wet season.

A local councillor for the Tonsu constituency in Buka District, Jessie Banam says food is running out as gardens have dried up other water sources are also scarce.

"For the water, the river waters are probably within four to five months is going to go dry. Some of our creeks at Tonsu constituency is already dry. Our only hope is our water tanks but it's not going to do much help for us."

Jessie Banam says she is rallying support from locals to write a letter seeking urgent help from the Bougainville Government.