12 Sep 2011

SPC staff to be embedded in Tonga government ministries

7:30 pm on 12 September 2011

Staff of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community are being deployed to Tonga for the first time, in line with the agency's move to decentralise its services around the region.

The Director General says a group of staff will be sent to Tonga later this year, following the signing of a host country agreement.

Dr Jimmie Rodgers says their work will cover a number of sectors, including climate change.

"Some of the work that will be done by our staff that will be deployed in Tonga will be looking at the whole area of coastal inundation and work with sea level rise and work with cropping. But it also looks at the human aspects so it will look for instance at how does this danger impact on people."

Dr Jimmie Rodgers says although the host country agreement paves the way for an SPC office to be established, in the first instance it simply allows SPC staff to be embedded in government ministries.