12 Sep 2011

More protests holding up LNG development in Papua New Guinea Highlands

7:47 pm on 12 September 2011

Construction on an airport being built in Papua New Guinea's Highlands as part of the huge liquified natural gas development has been stalled by a landowners' protest.

The Post Courier newspaper reports that work on the proposed Komo international LNG airport in the soon-to-be Hela province came to a stop when five clans began protesting last Wednesday.

The paper quotes a spokesman, John Pipiya Paranda, saying they want the national government to release their business development grants which he says should have been paid more than a year ago.

He says other landowning groups have got their grants and it's unfair for Komo landowners to be left waiting for payment.

The landowners want the money so they can participate in spin-off economic activities in Komo as the LNG development gathers pace.

A spokesperson for Esso Highlands, the lead contractor in the LNG development, says the protest lasted only minutes and work on the site at Komo quickly resumed.