12 Sep 2011

Bougainville NGO says residents ignored drought warnings

3:28 pm on 12 September 2011

An NGO in Papua New Guinea's autonomous province of Bougainville says residents had ignored warnings to prepare for a drought which is currently affecting more than six- thousand people.

The President of the North Bougainville Women's Federation, Hona Holan says the Government gave sufficient warning to people, particularly in Buka and the islands of the Caterets and Nissan, to grow more crops.

She says people have not taken heed of the warnings.

"Well I think that the chiefs should have been involved because a lot of people live in the communities with chiefs, so they should monitor their own communities and just see that the communities, the people are involved in planting whatever crops can last during the drought, or give more awareness to the people on how they can save water."

Hona Holan says many residents from the remote islands are no relying on water and food provisions from the Government.