10 Sep 2011

In pursuit of decolonisation, Tahiti leader bound for New York

11:17 am on 10 September 2011

The French Polynesian president, Oscar Temaru, says he wished the Pacific Islands Forum had given him more support for his decolonisation bid.

The Forum's communiqué repeated its earlier stance that it was a matter to be sorted out between France and French Polynesia.

However, Mr Temaru says the most important aspect is the Forum's explicit recognition of the right to self-determination.

"I wish for more support, for sure, but the final decision will be taken by the General Assembly in New York, so I'm preparing my trip to New York."

France, as well as New Zealand, is opposed to the territory being reinscribed on the decolonisation list.

The opposition in Tahiti has described a motion passed in the assembly in his support as illegitimate.