10 Sep 2011

Sport: Decentralised competition not future for Pacific Games

11:23 am on 10 September 2011

The future big sporting events in the pacific region will be centralised around major cities.

The 14th Pacific Games will conclude today in New Caledonia where there was a conscious effort to spread the 27 sports around the country.

The Pacific Games Council Executive Director, Andrew Minogue, says sports won't be so far flung at the 2013 mini Games in Wallis and Futuna nor at the next Pacific Games.

"Papua New Guinea has a made a determined effort to keep the entire Games within Port Morseby. Wallis and Futuna, most sports will be on Wallis. There maybe one or two sports will have days on Futuna. There are quite unusual Games here in New Caledonia, in the sense that the competitions are really spread out across the country. They tend to be focussed very much on the host city usually."

Andrew Minogue.