9 Sep 2011

Ousting of former PNG leader called an act of lunacy

8:43 am on 9 September 2011

Papua New Guinea MP, Arthur Somare, says Tuesday's ousting of his father, Sir Michael Somare, from Parliament was an act of lunacy.

Mr Somare says people found guilty of murder and rape have survived until dealt with by the courts, but speaker, Jeffrey Nape, assumed extraordinary powers to oust the only MP who can boast 43 years of continuous parliamentary representation.

He says Mr Nape's based his move on Sir Michael having undergone three life threatening surgeries while in Singapore for five months and failing to keep him fully informed.

But he says this is despite widespread media coverage of Sir Michael's health.

In a hard hitting statement, Mr Somare, who's already promising legal action over the ousting, quoted Martin Luther King and says he'll follow the lead of Mahatma Gandhi and not co-operate with evil.