8 Sep 2011

Mystery surrounds reported Vanuatu China military deal

11:41 am on 8 September 2011

The Vanuatu government of the prime minister Sato Kilman claims not being aware of any Chinese military assistance to Vanuatu.

This comes amid reports that an agreement has been signed between the Vanuatu ambassador to Beijing, Willie Jimmy, and Rear Admiral Guan Yousef.

The internal affairs minister, Georges Wells, who is also responsible for the country's security, says neither he, nor the foreign minister and prime minister are aware of the agreement.

He says as far as the government is concerned, no agreement has been signed for military assistance.

The deal reportedly entails China providing military items to the paramilitary Vanuatu Police Force worth just under 100,000 US dollars.

No details of the items have been given but reports say the shipment is being awaited in Vanuatu.

Mr Wells has warned that someone will face the consequence for the serious breaches to the national security interests of Vanuatu.