7 Sep 2011

Youth abuse of marijuana and alcohol noted in CNMI

6:03 pm on 7 September 2011

The high number of teenagers who smoke marijuana and drink alcohol in the Northern Mariana Islands was highlighted during National Recovery Month which began last week.

A spokesperson for the Department of Public Health in Saipan, Reyna Saures, says figures from their Youth Risk Behaviour survey from 2009 continues to worry the department.

She says four out of ten of the 14 to 18 year old students surveyed had, in the past month, smoked marijuana and drunk alcohol at least once.

"Nationally, underage drinking is definitely an issue and a concern. For our small community we definitely see this as high. If I'm not mistaken looking at 2000 - like I said it's released every odd year - the trend decreases if not maintains. They are not the highest figures but they are high I believe in our community."

The latest Youth Risk Behaviour survey was completed this year.

The results are currently being analysed.