6 Sep 2011

Amnesty urges NZ PM to help end violence against women in Pacific

1:33 pm on 6 September 2011

Amnesty International says the New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key, must take the lead in eradicating endemic violence against women in the Pacific.

Amnesty says Pacific women suffer some of the worst rates of violence but there are few mechanisms in place to counter this.

Chief executive Patrick Holmes says there needs to more than talk about a problem that requires attitudinal change across the region.

Mr Key assumes the chair of the Pacific Islands Forum tomorrow and Mr Holmes says Amnesty wants him to ensure the leaders pay more than lip service to what is a serious issue.

"We know from good evidence that something like two thirds of females right across the Pacific have been subject to violence, gender based violence. So it's right across the Pacific and it's one of the worst places for sexual and gender based violence. So it's deep rooted, it's attitudinal change that is required. Money won't solve it alone, there has to be a co-ordinated approach from Pacific Islands leaders."