5 Sep 2011

Re-opening of asylum seeker centres in PNG and Nauru unlikely

11:58 am on 5 September 2011

The Australian government's plans to re-open immigration centres in Papua New Guinea and Nauru Island are in jeopardy.

Cabinet will meet today to discuss whether the government should give up on the idea of offshore processing.

This follows the High Court ruling last week that the government's plan to send 800 asylum-seekers to Malaysia in return for 4,000 refugees over four years was unlawful.

Last month, Australia signed a memorandum of understanding to re-open Manus Island in PNG, which the Refugee Council has called "the Pacific Solution 2.0".

Meanwhile, Northern Territory Labour senator, Trish Crossin, told the ABC that offshore processing should be abandoned altogether.

"We've got a very strong platform about people who should be treated humanely - who should be treated with compassion. And those people who come here seeking to be assessed as asylum seekers should be treated as we have agreed to under our international convention and be processed on this shore."

The Northern Territory Labour senator, Trish Crossin.