5 Sep 2011

Forum must act now against Fiji says NZ MP

4:11 am on 5 September 2011

A New Zealand MP says the Pacific Islands Forum must act now against Fiji's interim government.

The Forum, without Fiji, which has been suspended for 2 years, holds its annual leaders summit in Auckland this week.

The comment, by the Green Party's foreign affairs spokesperson, follows the introduction in Fiji of a decree restricting union activity as well as the banning of the Methodist Church's annual conference for the third year running.

Keith Locke says it's important that New Zealand and Australia take the lead at this week's meeting of Forum leaders in committing member countries to stronger sanctions against the regime.

"If the Forum doesn't stand up now at this meeting then it's sending a signal to the regime that they might as well relax, that they can continue indefinitely and even bring in further repressive legislation and measures."

Keith Locke says there's no point believing that Fiji's interim government has any intention of holding elections.