2 Sep 2011

Fiji people will rise up says expatriate democracy campaigner

4:34 pm on 2 September 2011

A New Zealand-based campaigner for democracy in Fiji says the people of his country are poised to stand up to the interim government.

The interim president of the Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement in Wellington made the comment during this afternoon's protest against the regime outside the New Zealand capital's Fiji High Commission.

The Council of Trade Union-sponsored protest follows the internet distribution of photographs of anti-interim government graffiti, vandalism of police buildings and a texting campaign by an organisation calling itself Viti Revolutionary Forces.

Sai Lea Lea says people in Fiji are showing they've had enough.

"The Viti Revolutionary Forces, you know, the kind of actions that have never happened since the coup, the anti-regime graffiti, labelling Bainimarama and Khaiyum as liars and evil and murderers, that's never happened. And now the burning of state assets, that proves to you that people are getting fed up and there are other ways they're going to be expressing themselves."

But Sai Lea Lea says the key thing is that protesters preserve some semblance of law and order.