2 Sep 2011

Fiji Museum displays children's climate change photos

3:17 pm on 2 September 2011

An exhibition of children's photographs and stories giving their perspective on climate change is being held at the Fiji Museum.

An I-Kiribati youth leader with the Climate Change Action Network, Claire Anterea, says the show, Portraits of Resilience, aims to document what she calls climate chaos in the Pacific.

She says she's witnessed first hand the impacts of global warming in Kiribati with water wells becoming polluted and salty, erosion around coastal areas and dying crops.

She says she's been working with a Norwegian photojournalist who's given children from five Pacific Island countries the chance to document their environments.

"Let the children work and take the photo and write the story about the impact of climate change in Kiribati. And she came to Kiribati. She went to Samoa, the Marshall Islands, Tuvalu and Fiji, and Kiribati so there are five countries at the moment."