2 Sep 2011

Sport: Nations urged to take bigger part in Pacific Games

10:13 am on 2 September 2011

The head of the Pacific Games Council says he wants to see countries competing in the full range of sports on offer in future events.

22 nations and territories are competing at this year's Games in New Caledonia, with the majority of those entering athletes to compete in popular sports such as athletics and weightlifting.

But the turnout for some other sports has been poor, with only four nations competing in cricket and six in baseball.

Other sports have seen teams withdraw at late notice and the President of the Games Council, Vidhya Lakhan, says that needs to improve.

"In a number of our sports half the countries are not participating in some of the sports. What we would like to see from the Council's perspective is that in any sport that is on the Games programme all the 22 countries take part."

Vidhya Lakhan says the overall quality of the competition has been mixed to date, with some sports played at a very high level, while others need to improve.