2 Sep 2011

Solomon Islands public sector unions strike deal with government

9:56 am on 2 September 2011

An industrial dispute between public sector unions and the government in Solomon Islands over the cost of living adjustment is on the verge of being formally resolved.

The general secretary of the Solomon Islands National Teachers Association says most doctors, nurses and teachers have returned to work following a strike that began last Friday.

Public sector workers citing high living costs sought an adjustment of 11.5 percent but Johnley Hatimoana says they've struck a four percent deal with the government.

"We were negotiating in good faith and the government has produced lot of figures in terms of their deficit and their overdraft and all that so that's basically why we managed to reach an agreement on the cost of living adjustment."

Johnley Hatimoana says the attorney general is adjusting a draft agreement and he expects the final version to be signed by tomorrow.