31 Aug 2011

Fiji LTA deliberately strict on jay-walking

3:07 pm on 31 August 2011

The Land Transport Authority in Fiji says it is deliberately being strict with enforcing a new law against jay-walking at traffic lights and pedestrian crossings.

The LTA began implementing the law on Monday and has so far booked and fined more than 140 pedestrians in Suva alone.

The Authority's Chief Executive Officer Naisa Tuinaceva says he hopes a fine of 40 Fiji dollars immediately imposed on people caught jay-walking at traffic lights will act as a deterrent.

He says the LTA and police are deliberately being strict.

"Well that is the intention because of our worry, because of our concern. You know it's to do with a life and death situation and yes the intention is to get harder on this."

Naisa Tuinaceva says the Land Transport Authority is continuing to raise public awareness of the dangers of jay-walking.