30 Aug 2011

Tuvalu might ban importing junk food to cut levels of lifestyle disease

4:11 pm on 30 August 2011

Tuvalu's government is considering a ban on importing junk food as it tries to reduce the level of non communicable disease in the country.

Tuvalu last week released its second report on the Millennium Development Goals.

It show the country's on track to achieve several of the MDGs, such as universal primary education and reduced child and maternal mortality.

But the minister of Finance and Economic Development, Lotoala Metia, says Tuvalu is struggling to reduce the level of life style diseases.

He says it's seeking more donor assistance for campaigns to encourage people to exercise more and eat more of their traditional foods.

And Mr Metia says a ban imported junk food could happen.


IN:......That is in the pipeline. We are seriously looking into that issue. We will just look at either, do we increase the tariff for those items, or we ban them completely from being imported into the country.