29 Aug 2011

Solomons disputes tribunal to deal with teachers' demands

1:34 pm on 29 August 2011

The Solomon Islands Teachers union hopes the Trade Disputes Panel can sort out failed negotiations for a higher cost of living adjustment for public sector workers.

The union's general secretary, Johnley Hatimoana, says following last Friday's meeting, industrial action was deemed necessary after months of negotiations failed.

He says now that the matter has been referred to the Trade Disputes Panel, their strike action has been called off.

Mr Hatimoana says workers still believe an 11.5 percent Cost of Living Adjustment in today's economic climate is fair and reasonable.

"The cost of living in the Solomon Islands has just skyrocketed, and you can't believe that the government has given us the 2-percent, if you are to really compare the purchasing power of workers in this country, compared to the cost of living."

Johnley Hatimoana says many teachers chose to strike today, but are now expected to return to work tomorrow.