26 Aug 2011

Grief seminar in American Samoa for people dealing with military loss

3:11 pm on 26 August 2011

A United States non-profit organisation that helps people deal with the death of family and friends in the military is holding a seminar in American Samoa.

The public affairs officer for the Tragedy Assistance Programme for Survivors says the two-day session, which starts in Pago Pago tomorrow, will look at what makes military loss unique.

Ami Neiberger-Miller, whose brother was killed while serving in the military in Iraq, says there's a whole different process for dealing with military deaths, from the way they're notified to the language used in describing them.

"I think it is especially hard for families when people politicise their loss. Like, I've had people say to me, 'Oh, I'm really sorry that your brother died. He died for nothing.' And for some reason people think that families have suddenly become political experts when they're really experts in one thing, which is their loved one who died."

Ami Neiberger-Miller says the programme has helped more than 30-thousand people all over the world since its 1994 inception.