26 Aug 2011

Kava demand in Samoa growing, says NZ exporter

1:34 pm on 26 August 2011

A horticultural exporter of Pacific products in Auckland says the demand for traditional drinking kava from Samoa is growing in China.

At least two Samoan companies are developing new kava export markets in China.

One of the companies, Pure Pasifika Limited, has been focussing on exporting nonu juice to China but sees the potential to grow the kava industry in Samoa.

A spokesman for Pure Pasifika, La'auli Michael Jones, says a small shipment of powdered kava has already been sent to China and another 20 tonnes has been ordered.

"The initial feedback is that the demand is obviously going to require a more substantial supply. And so we're trying to make sure we gear ourselves up in Samoa first and foremost to be able to supply that demand."

La'auli Michael Jones says there is also potential to supply China with other Pacific products such as cocoa and dried fruit.