25 Aug 2011

Fiji's New Methodists: Don't mess with government - the bible says

2:49 pm on 25 August 2011

Reports from Fiji say the military has banned all Methodist Church meetings provided under its constitution.

FBC News says the military council has written to the church banning monthly, quarterly, Standing Committee, financial and divisional meetings.

The council states that the ban is being enforced because the President and General Secretary would not to step down - ahead of its annual meeting, which the government cancelled this week.

The New Methodist Church in Fiji, which is currently holding its own annual conference, recommends the Methodist Church submit to the interim government.

The General Secretary, Atu Vulaono, says the church should never interfere with the government.

"The bible said that we must submit to the authority of the day - the authority of the day the government of the day. We leaders of whatever denomination or whatever, we must submit according to the bible for those who are in leadership God promotes and God demotes. Whether they are of God or not of God that's for none of us to judge them."

Pastor Vulaono of the New Methodist Church.