25 Aug 2011

Calls for artists to register for 24th Micronesian Island Fair in Guam

11:00 am on 25 August 2011

The Commonwealth Council for Arts and Culture is calling for artists to register for the 24th Micronesian Island Fair in Guam but they'll have to be willing to pay their own airfare again.

The council's executive director, Angel Hocog, says it's still finding it tough to source enough federal and donor funding.

He says interested artists must be able to pay the return airfare to Guam of over 200 US dollars, but the council can assist in other ways.

"Its sad to say that the arts council is in a cash strap. Just like in previous years, we did send delegations from here. But the artists are so generous that they paid for their own airfares. We work with the GVB, Guam Visitors Bureau, in terms of their lodgings, transportation and other necessities that the artists need."

Angel Hocog.

The annual Guam Micronesia Island Fair celebrates the vibrant cultures of Micronesia from October 14 to 16.