22 Aug 2011

Vanuatu teachers still without pay

10:33 am on 22 August 2011

The Vanuatu Teachers Association says many teachers are on the verge of leaving their jobs as the Government continues to fail to pay their salaries.

More than 100 teachers across Vanuatu have not been paid since January and were expecting a supplementary education budget to be passed in an extra-ordinary session of Parliament last Friday.

However the government was forced to abandon the session and teachers will have to wait until at least this coming Friday before another sitting.

The President of the Teachers Association Wilfred Leo says the teachers are unhappy at the lack of progress.

"Whether the deal is passed in Parliament or not, that is still a question. And if it doesn't pass for example, then that would be something nasty for these teachers and I believe a lot of them would leave."

Wilfred Leo says some teachers have already left their jobs as a result of not being paid, but most are still optimistic they will eventually receive their salaries.