20 Aug 2011

Sport: Samoa rugby forwards coach says team more professional in approach

11:15 am on 20 August 2011

The Samoa rugby forwards coach says the team has been more professional in its approach.

Samoa is expected to name its World Cup squad on Monday and will finish preparations for next month's global tournament with two games against super 15 team, the Western Force.

The first will be played this weekend at Apia Stadium.

Samoa forwards coach, Tom Coventry, says the usual stress of trying to gather players from around the world for test duty has gone much smoother this year.

"This process has been a lot more thorough. We've been able to attract a few more players into the mix. We took a really big squad to the PNC. So we got an opportunity to play two different styles of rugby and also look at different players within those style of football. And I just think we've had a better look at our players. We've got a very professional trainer up here in Dave Edgar. And he's done a fantastic job with a lot of the fitness levels of the boys. And I just think there's an air of professionalism up here that possibly was lacking."

Samoa forwards coach, Tom Coventry.