18 Aug 2011

Mental health help sent to Mare after fatal New Caledonia clashes

5:50 pm on 18 August 2011

The authorities in New Caledonia have sent a medical mission to the island of Mare to help the population cope with the aftermath of the violence near the airport during which four people were shot dead.

The team includes psychologists who are tasked to help those at risk of being traumatised by the clashes nearly two weeks ago.

It is to assist the 23 people who have suffered gun shot wounds.

Reports say help will have to be given to children who were involved in killings which occurred when hundreds of people fought to try to dislodge those who blockaded the airport.

Police are still investigating the clashes.

On the neighbouring island of Lifou, a deal has been signed aimed at ending the conflict between the territory's airline and the group of protestors opposed to air fare hikes.