18 Aug 2011

American Samoa govt owes power company nearly 6 million US dollars

6:24 am on 18 August 2011

The American Samoa Government's unpaid utility debt with the American Samoa Power Authority has now ballooned to close to 6 million US dollars.

A Senate hearing revealed that the government's oustanding bill for water and electricity is 5.9 million dollars.

Senator Fonoti Tafa'ifa asked ASPA's chief executive, Andra Samoa, whether the new utility rates were implemented to recoup monies not collected from the government.

She replied the rates were not implemented because of the government's utility debt, but the governor was supportive of ASPA's rate plan.

The Senate President, Gaoteote Palaie, then suggested to the ASPA board and management to start cutting the government's power if its not paying its bill.

He said if residents owed 5.9 million dollars to ASPA, the entire island would be in the dark because ASPA would cut their power.