17 Aug 2011

Water carted to drought-stricken areas of Samoa

1:37 pm on 17 August 2011

Samoa's Water Authority is carting water to the areas most affected by a drought hitting the country.

The water sources at Lepa and Saleapaga have dried up, with Falealupo on the western end of Savaii Island and Se'ese'e also badly hit.

The chief executive of the authority, Tainau Titimaea, says rain in the next few weeks will stop a severe drought.

"The intake in one of our treatment plants has dried up, but we are carting the water by water truck from Lalomanu area and going on to Lepa and Saleapaga area. It's just not to use water for any construction, or use water for other things like cleaning vehicles, but we are trying our best to get water to these people."

Tainau Titimaea says rain over the past week is easing the drought.