17 Aug 2011

CNMI's Tinian Legislative delegation cancels landing system project

11:14 am on 17 August 2011

The Tinian Legislative Delegation in the Northern Mariana Islands has cancelled the installation of an instrument landing system on Tinian after seven years of trying to complete the project.

The Delegation is now diverting 3.5 million US dollars allocated to the project to other pressing needs at Tinian's airport and seaport.

The Chair of the Delegation Senator, Jude Hofschneider, confirmed the cancellation of the ILS project late last month.

The project has been on the drawing board for the Tinian airport since 2005, with an initial funding of 3.5 million dollars obtained from the Office of Insular Affairs.

Mr Hofschneider has affirmed that the funds have already been diverted to other airport projects on Tinian.

Close to 500,000 US dollars is being used for the emergency replacement of bollards at the Tinian harbour, which is on the verge of collapse.