17 Aug 2011

CNMI governor creates new office for public transportation

11:19 am on 17 August 2011

The Governor of the Northern Mariana Islands, Benigno Fitial, has established a new office within the Office of the Governor to develop a viable public transportation system.

The office, which opened last week was mandated by a law Governor Fitial signed in May - a move which will also result in the abolition of the Office of Disability Policy and Programs by October the 1st.

The CNMI does not have a comprehensive accessible transportation system.

Governor Fitial appointed, Thomas Camacho, as a special assistant for disability policy and programs, as his first special assistant for public transportation to administer the new Commonwealth Office of Public Transit Authority.

Grants from the Federal Transit Authority are expected to assist the CNMI, as well as other states and territories, in developing or enhancing their transportation systems.