17 Aug 2011

Court in Samoa finds rugby union breached contract for injured player

10:43 am on 17 August 2011

A court in Samoa has ruled in favour of a former Manu Samoa player who took a civil claim against the Samoa Rugby Football Union.

Peter Poulos sought insurance from the union as a result of a neck injury he suffered in 2006.

He was diagnosed with a serious injury and was flown to New Zealand straight away for treatment.

Poulos said he was told by his team's management he was covered prior to the game he was injured in, and that gave him confidence in the system.

But he said that wasn't the reality.

Yesterday, Australian judge, Justice Pierre Slicer, found the union in breach of Poulos' contract.

Justice Slicer ordered the union to pay for Poulus' medical treatments in New Zealand plus further medical checks in future at a cost of more than 15,000 US dollars.

Poulus' original claim of 500 thousand US dollars, which included the non-payment of his contract insurance by the union when he was injured was not successful.