17 Aug 2011

Samoa faces severe drought

11:23 am on 17 August 2011

Samoa is facing a severe drought.

The chief executive of the Samoa Water Authority, Moefaauo Titimaea, says severe drought conditions have caused a shortage of water.

He says the authority is trying it's best to accumulate and store water from sources in order to have enough supplies for customers.

Areas which are the most affected include Lepa and Saleapaga, Falealupo on the western end of Savaii Island and Se'ese'e.

The water sources for Lepa and Saleapaga have completely dried up.

Water wells are being drilled in the search for new water sources while the Water Authority is trucking water to affected villages.

Experts from Blue Barn Engineering in New Zealand are in the country to investigate a new water source at Lake Lano on the East of Upolu Island.

The Samoa Water Authority is also appealing to the public to work together in protecting the country's water sources, conserve water and use it wisely.