17 Aug 2011

Disappointment over Cook Islands bank robbery

4:17 am on 17 August 2011

The mayor of Aitutaki says many locals are disappointed and downhearted that someone could rob a bank that holds money belonging to local Cook Islanders.

John Baxter says the island only boasts a population of about 2,000 people, where everyone knows everyone else.

The sum stolen has not been disclosed.

He says as there is still a lot of trust and openness in the community, many locals are still in shock about last week's crime at the Bank of the Cook Islands.

"It's a very sad occasion or event that has happened. I think it is the first time that any of the banks have actually ever been robbed on this small island of Aitutaki and as I said earlier on everybody knows everybody and I suspect whoever done this does not live on the island."

John Baxter says Aitutaki also has a branch of the ANZ and Westpac Bank on island and all the banks have probably improved their security measures by now.