12 Aug 2011

Call for PNG government to ensure ICAC properly resourced and independent

10:23 am on 12 August 2011

A Papua New Guinea NGO says the new government must ensure that its planned Independent Commission Against Corruption is properly resourced.

The Peter O'Neill led government outlined its plans for the ten months ahead of the elections earlier this week.

It plans to appoint a special prosecutor to target people who have defrauded the state and set up an ICAC which has been pushed for by groups such as Transparency International for years.

But ACT NOW's spokesperson, Effrey Dademo, says it's one thing to set up a commission but it has to be properly resourced, and assured it'll be free of government interference.

"What we are saying is that's a very brave call because we have been saying there's no political will around setting up an ICAC but now it seems they do and they are saying they're going to do it. We want them to be, one, serious about it. Two, do it the right way so it serves its purpose."