10 Aug 2011

Parliament should sit by November, says Solomons Opposition

9:38 pm on 10 August 2011

The Solomon Islands opposition leader says the even if the Government doesn't have any business to conduct, Parliament does, and the house should sit before November.

Last week local media reporter Prime Minister Danny Philip as saying there is no need for Parliament to sit in August because the budget was only passed in April.

Dr Derek Sikua says the Prime Minister's explanation for not convening parliament displays governing and leadership incapability.

"The government has promised that it has 13 reform bills that it needs to bring in this year. And in the November/December sitting, you will not be able to bring those in, because we will be dealing with the supplementary appropriation, as well as the appropriation bill 2011/2012, which is the budget. If they are true to their word, we should be having a meeting now."

Dr Sikua says it is crucial that parliament is informed of the progress of the work of government in delivering on its budget promises.