10 Aug 2011

Consumer Council of Fiji rejects road charge proposal

11:01 am on 10 August 2011

The Consumer Council of Fiji says the proposed introduction of a road charge on motorists is unlikely to encourage car-pooling.

The Department of Energy has proposed the penalty as part of its campaign to reduce Fiji's energy consumption.

The department suggests all cars pay a road charge - the higher the number of passengers the lower the charge.

The CEO of the Consumer Council, Premila Kumar, doesn't support the idea.

"What I don't support is even in car pooling where the idea is to encourage people to carry more people in the vehicle, even when that is being done the person has to pay a road toll. So I am confused whether the road toll is simply one avenue of generating revenue or is it really the intention to reduce fuel consumption?"

Consumer Council of Fiji CEO, Premila Kumar.