8 Aug 2011

Kiribati women get boost in political confidence

7:21 pm on 8 August 2011

The President of the Kiribati National Council of Women says a training workshop and mock parliament sessions have boosted women's confidence in entering into politics.

Thirty women from across Kiritbati are taking part in a two-day mock parliament for women -the first of its kind in the Pacific region.

The initiative follows three-days of parliamentary training for women, with the aim of preparing potential candidates for this year's national elections.

Moia Tetoa says the events have given her more confidence and understanding about politics.

"For the last few years the women just listen to the radio and they just listen without knowing what a question is, a motion, and a bill is. But now after this workshop, we know how to move a motion. We know how to ask questions and even move the bills."

Moia Tetoa says she is considering running for the up-coming elections, for which the date is yet to be announced.