5 Aug 2011

Marshalls High Court considers sentence for admitted murderer

7:59 am on 5 August 2011

A Marshall Islands man who admitted stabbing his wife to death last year has asked the court for a lenient jail term because he said jail conditions in Majuro are difficult for him to handle.

Morton Makroro, who pleaded guilty recently to killing his wife Emson in 2010, took the stand earlier this week at a sentencing hearing seeking a reduced jail term.

The murder has stimulated a strong response against domestic violence from the national women's organization, Women United Together Marshall Islands.

Makroro told the court that while he regretted what happened, he said it was his wife's actions that fueled his assault.

Makroro then explained that he suffers from diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol that make it hard for him to cope in prison.