4 Aug 2011

Fiji regime brings in decree banning strikes in some industries

1:58 pm on 4 August 2011

Fiji's interim government has gazetted a decree that bans strikes and other actions for designated businesses in the so called Essential National Industries

Fiji's President, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, gazetted the Essential National Industries Employment Decree, which the government says is to ensure the viability and sustainability of certain industries that are essential to the economy.

Fiji village reports the decree says the companies which operate in an essential national industry will be designated by the Minister.

Strike actions, including sick outs, slowdowns or other financially harmful activities are prohibited in connection with a union's efforts to influence the outcome of collective bargaining.

There shall be no requirement for an employer under the decree to deduct union fees from a workers' salary or wages unless agreed otherwise by the employer.

The decree also says upon commencement of the decree, all existing collective agreements will only be valid for a period of 60 days while new or replacement collective agreements are negotiated.

It further states that all existing collective agreements shall be null and void and no longer binding between the parties.