5 Aug 2011

Samoan chilli sauce goes on the market in New Zealand

7:59 am on 5 August 2011

A new product has been launched in New Zealand using birdseye chillies grown in villages in Samoa.

The chilli sauce which is also made and bottled in Samoa, has been rebranded as Hot Samoan Boys chilli sauce.

Stella Muller, from 4PI Marketing, which is handling the product in New Zealand, says the amount of attention the sauce has been getting is overwhelming.

"Birdseye chilli grows wild in Samoa, so most Samoan families will have some birdseye chilli growing in their plantations through birds spreading the seed. But Apia bottling, through the general manager, Papalii John Ryan, they've been working with some of the villages to teach them how to grow chilli, so they can then sell the chilli to the processing plant."

Stella Muller says they are now looking for distributors and retailers in New Zealand.