1 Aug 2011

Parliament committee to review Nuku'alofa Development Corporation

6:58 am on 1 August 2011

Tonga's Legislative Assembly has appointed the leaders of the opposition Friendly Islands Democratic Party to lead a review of the work of the Nukualofa Development Corporation.

The NDC was set up to manage the reconstruction of the Central Business District of Nukualofa, following destruction caused by riots in 2006.

There's been criticism of the rebuild but an review found it was well managed and on schedule.

Don Wiseman reports:

"The Tonga government has deemed that that earlier review was insufficient in fulfilling its terms of reference. The reconstruction of the CBD is financed through a multi million loan from China. The prime minister, Lord Tu'ivakano has directed Akilisi Pohiva and Dr Sitiveni Halapua to form a special parliamentary committee to work with an independent lawyer and auditor general. He says they are to determine what work has so far been carried out under the NDC's direction. The acting speaker, Lord Tui'iafitu called the move a good sign the government is becoming more transparent and valuing cooperation with the House. The review is being funded by development partners such as the World Bank and ADB."