29 Jul 2011

Samoa fire fighters call for people to take heed of bans on Savaii

3:33 pm on 29 July 2011

The Fire and Emergency Services in Samoa says people need to take heed of a fire ban enforced in parts of Savaii.

Samoan firefighters have been battling outbreaks of forest fires in parts of Savaii all this week.

That's despite a fire ban enforced in parts of Savaii at the start of the month due to extremely dry conditions.

The Assistant commissioner of operations, Seve Tipa Laupe, says his firefighters have been working hard to contain the major fires in Falealupo.

He says the mayors, or pulenu'u, of the villages need to try and enforce those bans because one day someone could get seriously hurt.

"I have issues with the safety of my staff and I certainly have issues with the safety of the people in that area if a fire does get out of control."

Samoa's assistant commissioner of operations for the fire service, Seve Tipa Laupe.