28 Jul 2011

Samoa's fire fighters battle blazes in forests on Savaii

7:49 pm on 28 July 2011

Samoan firefighters have been battling outbreaks of forest fires near Falealupo on Savaii all week.

Fire and Emergency Services had banned open fires from the beginning of the month but this has been ignored.

Assistant commissioner of operations, Seve Tipa Laupe, says the ban covered the northwest part of Savai'i but residents there continued to use fire to clear land.

The Fire and Emergency Services have taken a tougher stance this year with one woman charged for violating the ban.

Meanwhile meteorologist, Sala Sagato, saying rainfall is unlikely this week.

Sala says prevailing easterlies and southwesterly breezes have increased in strength, and are more efficient than the sun in removing moisture from the ground and trees.